Throwback Archives: Porsche Macan Turbo & Cayenne Clear Bra

By January 16, 2015 Uncategorized

An install we documented from a while back. New Porsche Macan Turbo in Jet Black and the more mature Cayenne Hybrid in Rhodium Silver Metallic make an appearance at Unique for a full front clear bra installation. The Macan Turbo is equipped with 21″ Porsche Turbo Design wheels which do a nice job showcasing the factory sport brake calipers. On the other hand, the Cayenne Hybrid also receive a full front clear bra protection.

Both cars also received a full ceramic tint application over all the factory glass panels. This included applying ceramic tint on all windows including the windshield and sunroof.

Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3 (1) Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3

Emblems are removed, upon request and when applicable, to remove any seams even in the most detailed areas. Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3-7Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3-2 Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3-9 Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3-3 Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3-4 Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3-5 Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3-6 Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3-10

Both of them all done and buttoned up. 35% 3M Ceramic tint on all windows including the sunroof. Windshield received a 70% 3M Ceramic tint treatment.

Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3-8 Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3-14

Interior was beautiful in this Macan Turbo!

Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3-11 Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3-12

We try to make sure we take care of our customers, even after they depart from our facilities. Porsche-Macan-Turbo-Cayenne-Diesel-Cleabra3-13