Project Tux – Satin Pearl White Tesla Model S P85

By April 23, 2013 Uncategorized

Within the past six months, we have seen the Tesla Model S slowly become a fashion trend. Many people are starting to modify these already sleek and futuristic automobiles. Whether it be wheels, interior reupholstery, vinyl wraps, etc., these owners are definitely looking to take their cars to the next level.

As though this car does not already stick out, one client of mine really had to outdo other fellow Tesla owners with an amazing satin pearl white vinyl wrap. I must say, this specific Tesla Model S really knocks it out of the park.


Just a list of what was done at the Unique Auto Films shop:

Satin Pearl White Vinyl Wrap – film provided by 3m ScotchPrint
Gloss Black Trim & Brembo Red Emblems
Color Matched Door Handles
7% Iron Headlight Tint (very light)
Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrapped Diffuser


Tesla Model s Vinyl Wrap



Tesla Bumper - Pearl White - Satin Vinyl Wrap

tesla model s - trunk wrap - satin vinyl wrap - pearl white

tesla trunk - pearl white- satin car wrap - 3m scotchprint

gloss black accents - gloss black trim - roof wrap - hood wrap - pearl white - satin vinyl wrap

 satin vinyl wrap - car wrap - painted emblems - gloss black trim - carbon fiber wrap - pearl white

satin vinyl wrap - car wrap - painted emblems - gloss black trim - headlight tint


gloss black trim - vehicle wrap - pearl white - satin vinyl wrap


vinyl wrap, car wrap, painted emblems, gloss black trim


vinyl wrap, vehicle wrap, car wrap, roof wrap, hood wrap, trunk wrap

Check out the entire gallery of this Tesla on our Unique Auto Films Facebook page.