Porsche 911 50th AE Receives Clear Bra Paint Protection

By November 11, 2014 Uncategorized

There is no better way to celebrate 7 generations of the iconic 911 but by taking care of the immaculate paint that Porsche has perfected for over 50 years. Oh, and of course it’s mandatory to celebrate by taking the 50th AE through its paces through your local back roads.

But before all the shenanigans, it’s wise to protect your investment. We installed a full, Xpel Ultimate clear bra protection on the front of this Porsche 911. With a limited edition Porsche such as this, paint protection is one of the most vital components. We relied on Xpel’s Ultimate clear bra paint protection film, as we wanted to ensure this 911 stays protected as if it never left the showroom floor!

The clear bra paint protection we installed on this 911 protected the entire length of the hood (no visible seams), full front bumper, full fenders and of course mirror caps. The owner of this pristine 911 Anniversary Edition can now enjoy his Porsche without worrying about paint damage thanks to the clear bra protection!

Here it is all finished up and virtually invisible!

Porsche 991 Xpel Clear Bra Paint Protection Service

We absolutely love this car and it’s distinct pearl cream white paint job specific to this 50th Anniversary Edition Porsche. The new owner is now able to enjoy his 50AE Porsche without worrying about the paint degrading from day-to-day driving!