Another Speed District GT3 Receives Track Protection Package

By January 25, 2015 Uncategorized

Another day, another Speed District GT3 in the shop in for clear bra. Johnny, a frequent road race enthusiast, brought in his brand new 991 GT3 to us with only 100 miles on the clock. Fully expecting his GT3 to see plenty of track time, he wanted to ensure the paint stays like new. As a member of the Frequent Rock Chip Club, which you are automatically part of with a purchase of a black car, Johnny didn’t want to risk any damage to his Porsche.

Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2936We installed a full front clear bra, which included the full bumper, full fenders, full hood and side view mirrors. Make sure to register for Speed District’s upcoming events for some quality track time, and also to see these two GT3’s in action. But make sure to protect your car first!

Cars are always fully prepped regardless of mileage to remove any paint surface contaminants. A synthetic clay bar application and a wet solution removes impurities in the paint to ensure we seal in a surface that’s as pristine as possible.

Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2939 Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2940 Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2941

When applicable, we always wrap edges to reduce any visible clear bra edges. All surfaces are cleaned thoroughly prior. Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2942 Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2943 Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2948 Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2950 Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2951 Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2953 Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2955

Both Xpel and Suntek clear bra films have a very wet finish. Most of the times, if you have light surface scratches on your original paint, the clear bra will do a great job hiding those. This can save you a lot of time and money spent on paint correction. Call us today and we can always assess your paint condition to see if a paint correction is needed or not. Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2957 Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2963 Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2964 Porsche-GT3-Unique-Auto-Films-Clear-Bra2965