991 GT3 Track Junkie Package

By January 25, 2015 Uncategorized

It seems like there is always a negative to a positive. Such as road racing and paint damage. Our good friends, and amazing track host, Josh from Speed District came in to protect his new 991 GT3 in White. Since this minty fresh GT3 seems to be extremely prone to damage, on and off the track, it was a necessity to protect the full front end with paint protection. Rock chips and gravel showers are fairly common and expected on the track, so this decision was a no brainer.

Mention Speed District when you call in and we will throw in a free headlight protection upgrade, on the house!

Excuse the lack of process pictures, was busy installing! Porsche-gt3-991-speed-district-clear-bra2872 Porsche-gt3-991-speed-district-clear-bra2871 Porsche-gt3-991-speed-district-clear-bra2870 Porsche-gt3-991-speed-district-clear-bra2869 Porsche-gt3-991-speed-district-clear-bra2868 Porsche-gt3-991-speed-district-clear-bra2867 Porsche-gt3-991-speed-district-clear-bra2866